What is Dual Investment?

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What is Dual Investment?

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The crypto world offers different strategies for buying and selling.

One product that allows you to combine such strategies while earning interest is Dual Investment.

Think of Dual Investment like a fruit stand. You have apples (BTC) and you're open to trading them for oranges (USDT) for a certain price - say one apple for two oranges.

While waiting for a potential exchange, you’re earning interest for agreeing to the prospect of selling your apples for oranges, regardless if it happens or not.

Dual Investment can be utilized to potentially capitalize on upward and downward trends.

This gives you flexibility in terms of when to use it.

The Dual Investment product also presents a good opportunity for portfolio diversification.

This is thanks to exposure to both a volatile asset, such as BTC and a stablecoin, such as USDT, all in one product.

The entire strategy is automated - all you have to do is select the assets, the length of time you’re willing to wait, and the price you're willing to buy or sell.

Which one is among the benefits of Dual Investment?


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