What Are the Basics of Buying Crypto?

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What Are the Basics of Buying Crypto?

8 cards

In the early days of Bitcoin, the only way to acquire coins was through technical processes such as mining or peer-to-peer transfers. 

These aren’t the easiest ways to own Bitcoin.

Then came exchanges. The breakthrough allowed for easy conversion of cash into crypto

Buying Bitcoin became as easy as shopping for clothes online.

Nowadays, anyone can create an account on a crypto exchange operating in their jurisdiction. 

After a quick verification process, users can purchase crypto with a card or bank transfer.

After the purchase is complete, the crypto is added to your account. 

Regulated and secure crypto exchanges safeguard the assets for you while providing access to them at all times through web platforms or mobile apps.

How did exchanges spark the adoption of crypto?

"Cryptocurrency can be a powerful tool for emancipation, offering a way for individuals to take control of their own financial future."

Andreas Antonopoulos

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