The Tools to Enter & Exit the Market

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The Tools to Enter & Exit the Market

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In order to make effective decisions about your portfolio, it’s important to know about the tools available to you.

Оne such tool allows you to buy and sell digital assets at a specific price.

As an analogy, consider the example of purchasing airline tickets for a trip. You may want to wait until the ticket prices fall, so you have more money to spend on your trip.

This also applies to digital assets – the only difference is you can do it automatically!

Setting up automated orders allows you to get a good deal without having to constantly watch the asset’s price. 

This type of automation gives you better control over your entry and exit price.

It can also be useful in reducing costs if you manage to capture the ideal time.

Additionally, some crypto enthusiasts use automated orders for more peace of mind. 

When they know their orders will only execute at certain price-points, they can trade with less emotion.

Tools like automated orders can be useful in certain scenarios. 

However, it’s important to understand the tool well and only use it when it makes sense in the context of your broader portfolio strategy.

What do automated orders allow you to do?

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