How to Use Ethereum?

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How to Use Ethereum?

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You can use Ether to buy NFTs, pay for goods and services, and interact with decentralized apps — or you can simply hold your ETH.

Buy NFTs 

Non-fungible tokens, or "NFTs" are digital images that can be purchased, traded, and sold much like trading cards. You can purchase them by spending ETH.

Pay for goods and services 

More and more companies are accepting ETH as a payment method. These include thousands of online and retail stores, restaurants, subscription services, and more.

Use dApps 

dApps allow you to trade crypto, take out loans, and even play blockchain video games. Many of these require some ETH to pay for fees and to use as an in-app currency.

Hold your ETH 

Ethereum’s widespread adoption goes hand in hand with the tendency of believers to HODL onto their coin. It has gone as far as becoming a popular meme within the community. Just google “ultrasound money”.

Ethereum is one of the most used blockchains out there due to its vibrant app ecosystem.  

As it continues to expand, so does the utility of its native cryptocurrency, Ether.

Which of these can you buy using Ether?

“Anything that can conceive of a supply chain, blockchain can vastly improve its efficiency – it doesn’t matter if it’s people, numbers, data, money.”

Ginny Rometty

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